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May, 2020

Korova launches maximum potency
Mini-Dip edible in California and Oregon

The new Korova Mini Dip features the maximum allowed THC per market jammed into our classic mini cookie and then half dipped in chocolate to form the ultimate edible. Gram for gram these mini dips are nearly as potent as our infamous Black Bar. For easy dosing we provide a cutting chart on the back of each mini-dip package.

The Korova Mini-Dip is available in 100MG THC options in California, and 50MG THC options in Oregon.

Core Flavors
Chocolate Chip Dip
Peanut Butter Dip
Mint Dip

Seasonal & Specialty Flavors (not available in all markets)
Matcha Dip
Mocha Dip
Cinnamon Toast

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