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We Are Unrivaled

LTRMN and KOROVA began our merger almost two years ago. In that time, we’ve expanded into new states, grown considerably, and become one team focused on building a Global Cannabis Operator that puts authentic brands in patients hands while providing an excellent logistics experience for our retail partners.  

Today, our team becomes one company, under the name; Unrivaled Inc.  Nothing changes for our partners--our emails, tech stack and invoices will stop reading and instead show We’re still the same people, the same brands, same products and focus--with a new logo and identity to define who we are and our vision for the future. 

Speaking of vision, here’s where we’re focused.

Integrating best-in-class technology for our retail partners in OR & CA.
We’re proud of our live menu and new tech experiences, and we’re not stopping there. Our system isn’t an ecommerce website bolted together to push products, it’s custom built from the ground up for to-the-minute accuracy, and now enhanced data, COAs, pictures and more being continually added to make ordering effective.

Bringing Korova flower genetics and hand-packed quality back to California, and into OR for the first time.
As we’ve grown we’ve worked in-house and with partners to scale our flower operations, and now are looking to expand cultivation and use not only our classic Korova genetics, but unique new strains we are piloting into the market in both flower and extracts format.

Pushing beyond retail, and into the culture.
For all of us in the industry to succeed, we need to not just focus on sales of products in stores, but also on introducing existing and new patients to products and experiences that they are excited about. We’re expanding our product R&D, our communications and our involvement in the culture.

Becoming a true provider across categories
Everywhere we operate, with our brands and partner brands, we’re focused on providing quality offerings at multiple price points across a majority of retail categories. We hear again and again about the ease of ordering, delivery, marketing and promotion from having a concentrated bredth of SKUs that don’t just exist or stack on top of each other, but are compelling, unique, and work in a modular fashion on our dispensary partners shelves. We’re doubling down here, and are focused on making every category, brand, and part of your experience with us better.

Thank you for your support, the Unrivaled team is proud to serve you .

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