Building the Next Generation of Cannabis Experiences

Unrivaled is a premier west-coast focused cannabis multi-state operator.

Our History

Unrivaled came to life as a partnership between a number of long-time experienced cannabis operators across regions, utilizing a public vehicle to vertically integrate and decisively act as the leading west coast cannabis MSO.

Stronger Together

Unrivaled combines TRTC, one of the first publicly traded cannabis companies with significant cultivation and retail assets, with brand powerhouse Korova, retail team The Spot, and Oregon with extensive logistics, process and operational expertise.

The Future

Together as Unrivaled, we are focused on the future of cannabis that patients and recreational enthusiasts deserve: modern product and retail experiences driven by technology and community.

A Cannabis Company Focused on the West Coast

Our team’s come from a long history of West Coast Cannabis operations.

Our brands and dispensaries were among the first to be licensed in California and Oregon, and we’ve built a culture-driven business since our inception.

We believe the dominant cannabis brands of the future will be from the West Coast, and are building a team focused on executing the best cannabis genetics, product R&D and brand experiences that will set the standard for the future of cannabis across the globe.

Our Operations

Our team currently successfully operates retail, cultivation and distribution operations in California and Oregon.

In Nevada, we have a cultivation and processing joint venture with NuLeaf.

In Arizona and Oklahoma, our Korova brand is licensed by our strategic partner, Sublime Brands.

Ready to build.

Driving cannabis forward through experiences and technology.

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