Unrivaled Potency

A 10+ year industry veteran in legal cannabis, Korova came to market with the now-legendary Black Bar 1000mg edible.

Over the years Korova has evolved into a renowned counter-culture brand and leader in flower and high potency products in California, Oregon, Arizona and Oklahoma.

Good Weed.

Sticks originated as a pre-roll brand, and quickly became the market leading pre-roll in Oregon.

From there Sticks has expanded into a value brand across categories in both Oregon and California, spanning infused and outdoor flower products.

Over 2 million Sticks pre-rolls have been sold to date to dispensary customers across the West Coast.

Celebrate Everything.

Cabana offers small batch pre-rolls and packaged flower from boutique West Coast growers.  A favorite of discerning cannabis patients, and the best-selling high-end pre-roll in Oregon.

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