Leveraging Unrivaled’s unique footprint and market strategy, our Accelerator program gives brands a forward thinking alternative to traditional cannabis distribution.

Distribution – Warehousing and last mile fulfillment from Unrivaled’s Southern and Northern California warehouses to dispensaries across the state.

Retail playground – Within the extensive Unrivaled retail footprint accelerator partners are merchandised in premiere in-store areas, and can pilot products and promotions to validate market fit.

Flexible sales support – Whether no sales support, complete sales ownership, or a hybrid model by region, we focus on growing sales, together.


Our team has produced millions of pre-rolls, and countless other manufactured cannabis products. Through years of process development, we have developed proprietary and patented manufacturing processes.


We currently operate a best-in-class set of automation for our manufacturing divisions both for our own brands and copacking partners, including the only auto-weigh flower and auto-pre-roll production machinery in the Oregon market.

The Unrivaled Tech Stack

To keep up with the speed of change in the cannabis industry, our dedicated technology team has built our own Unrivaled tech stack of software tools for compliance, state of the art distribution, supply chain and manufacturing management.


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